About Dalarna Outdoor

About Dalarna Outdoor


Welcome at Dalarna Outdoor! The place to be for an adventure into the wilderness of Sweden in the province of Dalarna!

Dalarna Outdoor became active this year (2016) - after quite a period of preparation  - and offers various adventurous workshops, trips and programs.

Our goals is to attract the widest possible audience so they can get acquainted with the beautiful Scandinavian nature.


With big respect for Mother Nature we offer all our services.

Dalarna Outdoor stands for the personal attention and quality. And therefore we're sure we can offer the attendees an enjoyable and unforgettable experience in the wilderness of Sweden.

All with a team of a motivated and qualified instructors.


Our mission:

We strive to find back the passion for the beautiful nature during our activities in the wilderness of Dalarna.

We love to share our knowhow, our experiences and our enthusiasm!

Besides that we strive to be an example in protecting and respecting the nature.


Dalarna Outdoor owes his name to one of the most beautiful provinces of Sweden,the province of Dalarna, also called Dalarnas Lan.

The province is with 29.086 km² just as big as the country of Belgium. With a population of 275.823 inhabitants and a population density of 9,5 inhabitants/ km² there is enough space for lots of adventure in various ways.


The province Dalarna has a very varied nature with lots of ancient forests, estates, rivers, lakes and mountains/fjäller. Also, there are many wild populations like the population of the moose, wolves, bears, large poultry, beavers, lynx and many more. This makes the province of Dalarna a prime wilderness you can explore!


The logo of Dalarna Outdoor shows a male moose (the king of the forest), which stands on a high fjäll to orient himself.

The moose is a curious, smart and strong survivor who lives in harmony with nature and uses his environment just as we at Dalarna Outdoor trying to pursue.

Life itself, such as the logo reflects, it's good to occasionally stand still, to orientate and realize the present moment you're in and enjoy it!


Sign in, experience and survive the wilderness of the Dalarna province with Dalarna Outdoor AB!

Dalarna Outdoor AB

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