Find Your Way

4 hours

"Navigation is an essential skill during survival!"

Learn how to find your way in the wilderness of Sweden by joining our adventurous and challenging workshop! A chance to gain more survival skills!


Navigation is an essential skill during survival. It is important to plan your itinerary well so that you can move yourself from your current position to a desired destination in a safe and responsible manner.

We still hear stories of people who overestimate their own skills and thereby get lost, even on routes that are marked with all its consequences!

"Why schuld I worry als I do have a cell phone with a GPS and good route-planner, so I will manage."Well this is all going well until your battery runs out or your cell phone gets broken and then what do you do? The Swedish wilderness is quite extensive. You can walk days without seeing anyone, situations can therefore go quickly and terribly wrong!

Never underestimate the value of being able to navigate with a map and compass!

Make sure you will be well prepared at all times.


Duration: 4 hours


Among others we offer:

  • A detailed explanation by our instructor about learning to find your way in the wilderness.
  • Demonstration how to use a map, protractor, compass and GPS.
  • A tasty Swedish Fika.
  • -Map, compass and GPS lozend by Dalarna Outdoor.
  • The chance to test your new aquired skills to navigate yourself through the woods under the guidance of our instructor.
  • A nice Survival present from Dalarna Outdoor!
  • A unique experience of nature in the Swedish wilderness!

Do you want to develop your orientation skills entering into the adventure and find your way through the wilderness of Sweden? Take part of our workshop "Finding Your Way in the Wilderness" Dalarna Outdnoor!


We teach you:

  • how to use a map and how to read it.
  • how to use a protractor.
  • how to use a compass.
  • how to determine the course and how to stay on track.
  • about the cross bearing
  • what declination, inclination and declination correction means.
  • how to use a GPS.
  • about waypoints.
  • how to give the correct coordinates in case of emergency.

Price per person:

SEK. 650.00 incl. VAT


All children up to 12 years receive a 50% discount on the activities!


Minimum 2 participants.



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