Group Adventure in the Wild

7 days

"An incredibly adventurous program for groups!"

Outdoor Dalarna AB – Zweeds Boshuisje


Are you in for a very adventurous week with your buddies, family or other relatives in the untouched wilderness of Sweden?

Then stay a whole week with us at unique places in the beautiful nature of Sweden, learn about nature and wildlife, and how to survive!

Sleeping in a cool Treehouse,  a traditional build Hunters cottage or cozy Swedish cottage near a small beautiful lake in the woods, sleeping in a self-built natural shelter and in a traditional old Swedish hut in the middle of nowhere!

Meet the basics of survival in an unique special way! Our instructor gives several challenging workshops such as "Finding Your Way in the Wilderness," "Primitive Fire" and "Wilderness Shelter”, in which ones goes in search of food and looking for tracks of wild animals!

You will hike through wilderness under the guidance of our instructor in the territory of many wild animals like wolves, beavers, moose, lynx, wolverines and bears. Hopefully we can spot some!

On a regular base we might even see the Northern Lights, so maybe you have the luck to be able to admire this beautiful and amazing spectacle!

Explore the different ways nature can provide! Nature is full of surprises and challenges!

Among others we offer:


  • Two nights in a cool Treehouse, a traditional build Hunters cottage or cozy Swedish cottage on the property of Zweeds Boshuisje.
  • Swedish Fika and a delicious evening meal on the day of arrival, arranged by Zweeds Boshuisje.
  • A tasty breakfast the first morning, arranged by Zweeds Boshuisje.
  • Food bags and snacks during the hike and survival trip.
  • Two nights in a traditional old Swedish cabin in the wilderness of Sweden.
  • Integrated various workshops such as; ‘Finding your Way in Wilderness’, ‘Wilderness Shelter’, ‘Primitive Fire’, how to build a wilderness camp and how to find food in nature.
  • The chance to taste wild meat of our locals from the grill in the woods!
  • A tasty last evening meal, provided by Zweeds Boshuisje.
  • A tasty drink in the 'slogbod' by the campfire near the lake.
  • Breakfast on the day of departure, provided by Zweeds Boshuisje.
  • A very nice Survival gift as a reminder off this adventurous week with Dalarna Outdoor!

Day 1

Day of arrival:

  • Arrive at location where the owners of Zweeds Boshuisje will welcome you and guide you to your cottage.
  • Meeting with the instructor (s) of Dalarna Outdoor.
  • Walk through the planning for the coming week in the ‘slogbod’ (open hut) near the lake, while enjoying a Swedish Fika.
  • Thorough materials check.
  • Handing over the food bags by our instructor and other possibly rented equipment.



  • A tasty evening meal will be prepared for you by Zweeds Boshuisje!
  • Time for yourselves to relax from a strenuous day and gather energy for the coming adventurous trip!


Day 2


  • Starting the day with a tasty breakfast, provided by Zweeds Boshuisje!
  • Our instructor will give instructions on Security and Emergenciesituations before the start of the trip. It is important to be well prepared in this environment!
  • Last equipment check.
  • Commencement of the journey through the wilderness, under the guidance of our instructor of Dalarna Outdoor.


Hike and Survival

We start walking towards an old Swedish cabin in a wildlife territory where we will spend the upcoming night. During the trip, our instructor will tell you a lot about the beautiful nature and different unique landscapes. He will also provide instructions on what to do if you unexpectedly face wild animals such as moose or bears. It is important to remain calm and to know what to do in these situations!

After arriving at the Swedish cabin we will make a cozy fire. The fire must kept going throughout the night depending on weather conditions.

In the evening we prepare a meal for ourselves from the food bags that you have received from our instructor.

We spent the rest of the evening in the cabin, having quality time and fun with the group at the campfire!


Day 3

After we've prepared and enjoyed our breakfast our instructor will tell you more about how to navigate through the wilderness by using a map, compass and GPS, so the workshop ‘Finding Your Way in Wilderness’.

After this we will continue our trip and you are challenged to navigate yourself to the next point where we are going to build our own natural shelters.

Our instructor will show you different techniques you can use to build your own shelter in which we are going to sleep tonight! If there is much snow we can make a quinzee!

If the shelters are ready our instructor will teach you how to design your own camp and where you need to think with when it comes to camp hygiene. We make it ourselves comfortable and have a nice evening.

On a regular base we might even see the Northern Light in this area. Hopefully we are lucky and we can admire the spectacle from our shelters!


Day 4

Today our instructor will guide you through the direct area of our camp.

He'll show you the many ways nature provides us with what we need and we look for combustible materials to start a fire with. There are many different types of tinder in the forest.

When back at our camp, our instructor will demonstrate different techniques to start a fire, one of the most important skills of survival!

Then you can give it a try yourselves with your own collected flammable materials and -  hopefully - enjoying the warm fire!

Also tonight we sleep in the camp. Hopefully we can hear the nightly activities of wild animals like the owls and wolves giving outdoor sleeping an even more intense experience!



Day 5

Today we are going to navigate back to the Swedish cottage where we have slept the first night.

During this trip we will search for food. Even at wintertime you can find food in the forest. The trick is just to know where to look.

If we have found enough we will prepare a small improvised meal.

It gives a proud and satisfied feeling when you can provide yourself shelter, warmth and food directly from nature!

But, we will not only taste the food from the forest! We are going to taste some wild meat of our locals prepare on the grill in the woods! For example, the meat of a deer or moose depending on what is available at that moment.

Enjoying the last pleasant evening in the Swedish cabin with a nice fire and a full stomach!


Day 6

Today we hike back to the property of Zweeds Boshuisje where a comfortable cottage and bed will be waiting for you!

When back there is the opportunity to take a shower! Which you probably appreciate much more after a trip through the wilderness! After this delicious refreshment a tasty evening meal is waiting for you, prepared by Zweeds Boshuisje and a tasty drink afterwards at the campfire while enjoying the beautiful surroundings!


Day 7


  • After a hopefully good comfortable sleep you may enjoy a breakfast prepared for you by Zweeds Boshuisje.
  • We evaluate the past week and how everyone has experienced it. The week has come to an end and you get a nice gift from Dalarna Outdoor in memory of this great and unforgettable adventure!
  • Commencement return.

Price indication based on 6 people:

SEK. 6,900.00 per person including VAT.




Minimum 2 participants.

For this program, it is important to have a good basic condition.



This program is available all year round.

However, there is the possibility that the program will be adjusted in accordance with the participants if extreme weather conditions are expected by the weather forecast.

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