Into Sami Territory

2 days

”Let us taste you the unique Sami culture and guide you through the beautiful habitat of the Sami!”

Let yourself be guided through the beautiful nature of Fulufjällets National Park and through the habitat of the southernmost nomadic tribe of Sweden.

Meet the real Sami and their reindeers in Idre, enjoy a three course Sami dinner and breakfast prepared by the Sami in person, and listen to the wonderful stories about the Sami tribe!

And experience what it is like to sleep in their tipi tent in the woods!


Watch the video clip of “Liefde voor Reizen” (Love for Traveling)

Among others we offer:


  • A certified guide.
  • Transport to the Fullufjällen and back, in a comfortable off-road car.
  • A guided tour in Fulufjällets National Park.
  • A guided hike towards and over the top of the highest waterfall in Sweden.
  • Three times a swedish Fika (coffee and something sweet).
  • A warm outdoor lunch.
  • A meeting with the Sami in person in Idre.
  • A walk with the reindeer towards their tipi tent in the forest.
  • An introduction to the life of the Sami.
  • A special and delicious 3-course menu, prepared by the Sami themselves!
  • One night in the tipi tent of the Sami.
  • Breakfast, provided by the Sami.
  • Rental of sleeping mats
  • Rental of sleeping bags







Early in the morning:

  • Gathering at the pick up point and and getting acquaintance with the guide of Dalarna Outdoor AB.
  • Departure towards Fulufjället. During the trip our guide will tell you about the area while we slowly entering the fjällen.
  • We will take a break for a swedish Fika (coffee and something sweet).


Later in the morning:

  • Arrival in Fulufjällets National Park.


In the early afternoon:

  • Start of the hike towards the highest waterfall in Sweden.
  • Enjoy a simple hot lunch, wich you will prepare together with our guide over a fire.


End of the afternoon:

  • We continue the journey towards the Sami in Idre.
  • Meeting with the Sami in person.
  • Possibility to look around in the Sami shop.
  • Make contact with the reindeers and walk together with the Sami people and their reindeers towards their tipi tent in the forest.



  • Listen to the impressive and wonderful stories about the Sami by the fire in the tipi tent and  enjoy a 3-course menu Sami, prepared by the Sami themselves.



  • Sleeping in the tipi tent of the Sami.


DAY 2)


Early in the morning:

  • Breakfast, provided by the Sami.


In the course of the morning :

  • Commencement return to pick-up point.
  • Lunch by means of a final fika on the way back.
  • End of program.

Price per person:


SEK. 2,995.00 incl. VAT.


All children up to 12 years receive a 50% discount on the activities!




Minimum 2 participants. Suitable for anyone who has a normal level of fitness.



This program is available throughout the year.

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