Our Partners

Dalarna Outdoor cooperates with well considered and selected multiple companies and individuals.

This creates a nice variety in our programs and activities which brings us to a higher ability to adapt to the needs of our customers, one of our main priorities.


Our main partners are:

CanvasCamp is our supplier in 100% cotton and professional tents.

Canvascamp is the market leader in cotton tents and have delivered their tents for years worldwide.

Dalarna Outdoor has chosen CanvasCamp because they are not only looking for quality but also for comfort.

The tents are equipped with, among other things, integrated mosquito nets, heavy duty ground sheet that is attached to the tent with a zipper and many ventilation options. The tents provide a perfect opportunity to enjoy the best of nature. CanvasCamp, unbeatable tents!

Jack Wolfskin is our main supplier of our outdoor clothes and -materials.

We’re very happy that such a big brand want to work together with us and the most important thing that we share a common vision!

Jack Wolfskin is at home outdoors. The vastness attracts them and time sustains them. They are on a quest for experiences, not peak performance.

They are guided by their passion to develop exceptional products, and driven by new ideas. They are fully committed to functionality. Their products are designed to protect, keep you warm and dry, whilst being comfortable and reliable and lasting for many years. No detail is too small for them to improve upon.

Jack Wolfskin respects the diversity of nature and all living things. Our earth is simply the most beautiful place in the universe and we only have this one. They do everything they can to protect it and they want to experience it and share it with others.

Näsets Marcusgård


Marcus Eriksson founded Näsets Marcusgård farm in 1910. It started small, but soon the farm became the central meeting place in the area. Marcus was an energetic man who wasn’t afraid to break new ground.

2014: Mireille and Willem were inspired by the nature, the location and the story of Marcus Eriksson. We knew immediately that we wanted to share this experience. We rent out a number of holiday homes on our farm. We aim at people who love a little luxury, and get guests from all over the world. It is often as if we are traveling ourselves. With us @Näsets Marcusgård you experience the adventure, nature and tranquility of the Swedish countryside. When you arrive at us we have already a walking book ready for you.


Näsets Marcusgård: More than an overnight stay, an experience in the countryside!

Experience the Swedish wilderness on a dogsled, pulled by the planets most fantastic creatures - The Alaskan Husky, a heritage from the old coastline indians/inuits from Alaska. Welcome to join us for a tour from where we live in the wilderness, far from paved roads and the sounds of modern life - the only thing you hear are the sounds of nature and the dogs. My wife and I live out here with our daughter and a bunch of dogs that are family to us. Because that is the only way to have dogs for us - as loved members of our family.

Snöå Resort AB


The beautiful and peaceful Snöå Resort is located in the authentic heritage of Dalarna.

Here you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, good food and from the well-kept property.

With more than 90 beds, a banquet room for 90 people, conference facilities for up to 90 people (theater) and the restaurant, Snöå Resort is ideal for both large and small groups.

In the 1800s Snöå Resort was known as a forge that made scythes and nails. Many of the buildings from that time are still there and as of today still used.

The Snöå Resort is a special and unique place to stay and offers countless possibilities!

Different programs of Dalarna Outdoor can be combined with a stay at the

Snöå Resort.


For more info;


Zweeds Boshuisje (Swedish forest cottage);

Zweeds Boshuisje owns two stunning locations with different types of forest cottages and a typical treehouse.

Different programs of Dalarna Outdoor will be combined with a stay in one of these accommodations or in one of your own choice.


Location Långtjärn: De Zweedse gaststuga (Swedish guest cottage), de Boomhut (Treehouse) and de Jachtstuga (Yacht cottage)

Location Snötjärn: the Snökoja


View the above mentioned settlements at:



Hjärta Hem

Hjärta Hem offers a Swedish holiday cabin in a small village Nybofjäll, located deep in the woods.

Check out their Facebook page here:

Säljgården AB

Säljgården has a large number of hectares of forest in the immediate vicinity of Dalarna Outdoor.

Säljgården allows us to be able to use its territory for carrying out the activities of Dalarna Outdoor.

Check out their Facebookpage here:

The company Renbiten is a truly unique Sami family company, in Sweden's southernmost Sami village.

Renbiten is run by Peter and Helena, they are one of four families, which together are part of IdreSameby, one of the smallest Sami villages and the southernmost village you can find.

The Sami have a fascinating history and very old traditional traditions, in short a super culture.Here you can still find traces of Sami activity since ancient times  and modern day. Renbiten produces and sells its own reindeer meat and likes to share their culture with us.


“I Need Sweden” is a cooperation between long term established tourist-experts. We strive to inform, pamper and spoil our guests to best of our abilities all from our exquisites venues developing our respective services. We offer accommodations, experiences, ton loads of Sweden experiences and attractive tour traveling arrangements. As insured members of respective Swedish branch organizations we are a solid travel organization with safeguarded mandatory.


If you want to have a relaxing holiday in Sweden, our packages are what you are looking for. Let us tempt you with our selection of tours and book with the experts! You are sure to find the most suitable break for you.


Lövsjön Herrgård


Lövsjön is situated in the Province Dalarna, one of the most beautiful regions of Sweden. The hilly landscape, interspersed with lakes and rivers, offers the perfect setting for an unforgettable holiday in every season. Peace and nature are in abundance. But hiking, cycling and canoeing are also possible. It is possible you will stand face to face with a moose or a group of cranes!

Lövsjön Herrgård is situated on a large estate, located directly on Lake Lövsjön. There are some traditional Swedish houses and buildings on the estate. The Herrgard is a tasteful B & B hotel with many original features and spacious rooms, which are all fully equipped.

We, the owners of this beautiful property, will do everything to make your holiday unforgettable.

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