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"Our instructors are professional, experienced and highly motivated!"

Team Dalarna Outdoor


Dalarna Outdoor has a large network in the outdoor sports world and cooperates with a number of well experienced and passionate instructors. Our team members meet all the requirements Dalarna Outdoor imposes on them. Our instructors are professional, experienced and highly motivated. They have succeeded in a thorough And rigorous training and are also in possession of at least a Wilderness First Aid diploma enabling them to provide first aid in remote areas.

This puts Dalarna Outdoor in an Unique position to offer our participants a large spectrum of knowledge and experience.


Proudly Dalarna Outdoor proposes his team members:

Dennis Daselaar


Position within Dalarna Outdoor:

Founder and head instructor


Relevant courses:

Outdoor instructor with specialization in Hike and Survival Skills

(H&S Voshaar Outdoor Education)

Certified Wilderness First Responder at the Wilderness Medicine Institute of the National Outdoor Leadership School (WMI / NOLS)



"Hej! I'm Dennis, founder and contactpoint of Dalarna Outdoor.

I'm an outdoorsman with a passion for nature with the desire to learn every day and trying to be in nature. That is the way I can describe myself best. From childhood you could already find me in the woods and there I discovered what nature really means for me personally. This is also one of the reasons why I emigrated with my family from the Netherlands to the adventurous Sweden. In Sweden we're convinced to achieve our dreams.

I would like to share my passion and knowledge I have gained during training, military service and also by my personal development and not at least with the people I am going to meet during the varied adventures of Dalarna Outdoor.

I started Dalarna Outdoor because I want to give people the opportunity to experience and enjoy inna special way the true wilderness, the sheer tranquility and it's beauty.  By attending our trips and workshops, people will gain new knowledge and a renewed passion to attract more nature and enjoy the things which nature provides us! "

Annika Daselaar


Position within Dalarna Outdoor: Administrative assistant


Relevant training: Professional and general nurse



"Hej hej, my name is Annika, I am the administrative assistant at Dalarna Outdoor AB. Besides that I am also working as a nurse at the Vansbro commune. A few years ago, Dennis and I moved to Sweden to create a better life for ourselves and especially for our children where we hoped to be blessed with in the future. The nature, mentality and authenticity they have here in Sweden, made us feel very much at home.

It's a fantastic feeling to be surrounded by so much space and nature. You can walk for days through the forest without even meeting a soul!

I know that the forest provides us many and I would like to find out how.

Just to feel myself independent of the world in which we live and to get closer to nature was my drive. I am very interested in where I can find food, how to prepare it, and what it is good for. And also how we can treat health problems and wounds by using only those from nature. I'm a big fan of homeopathic medicines.

I believe that everything we need is originally from nature, but so many people have lost that knowledge. That's such a shame! Therefore I would like to learn it all and pass this knowledge on to my children.

Harald Duerink


Functie binnen Dalarna Outdoor:

Hike en Survival Instructeur

Outdoor life coach


Relevante opleidingen:

Outdoor instructeur met specialisatie in Hike en Survival vaardigheden

(H&S Voshaar Outdoor Education)

Outdoor life coach

Wilderness first Aid bij de Canadian Red Cross

"Passionate about discovering and creating, those are the characteristics that color my life. My curiosity opens ways to discover both myself and others.

My professional roots are in the world of design. Analyzing and discovering, I find the ways to create innovative designs and combine it with nature aspects

Currently I am active in the field of education as well. As a teacher and developer, I coach students. Apart from that, I am active in coaching during processes of transition and situational leadership.

While doing the training ‘Hike and Survival’, I found new ways to discover untraveled roads. I would like to share that knowledge with others through a number of workshops, such as ‘Learning by Experience in Nature’, Coaching in the Belgian Ardennes, ‘Teambuilding’, and even ‘Outdoor Cooking’.

I have expanding my experience in this field through a training as Outdoor Life Coach. It not only opens my view my own actions, but also enables me to observe and listen in an unprejudiced manner."

Richard Coulson-Day


Position within Dalarna Outdoor:

Allround Outdoor instructor


Relevant courses:

MFA Medic first aid



Climbing and rescue techniques instructor

whitewater kayak instructor

Padi: open water, advanced diver.

My name is Richard Coulson-Day and i am currently  working as an Outdoor instructor where outdoor activities like whitewater kayaking, rock climbing and survival and orientation skills are practised. since i was a small boy i roamed the Woods together with my father, and have Always been interested in nature.  After my MBO Sport and exercise instructor/supervisor, I have also followed and passed a private study at the Voshaar Outdoor and education centre and the course Coaching/Team Building. My passion lies in both Whitewater kayaking and in a beautiful hike through the woods and mountains. With experience in countries like England, France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Thailand and Wales, I'm allround in all kind of activities and landscapes.

Fredrik Lindström

My name is Fredrik Lindstrom, born and raised in Borlange. I'm born wit Spida BIfida L5/S1. Most of the time I use a wheelchair, but am able to walk shorter distances.


For a long part of my life, both private and work, I've been trying to get, mostly children and youths with disabilities, to challenge themselves thru sports and other activities. For myself I like the great outdoors, like hiking and also the water, with diving or kayaking. For about 20 years I've been an athlete in multiple sports and have been able to represent Sweden in three different sports: Track and Field, Alpine skiing, ParaHockey.


I like to travel and test my boundaries, "Nothing is impossible". One of my biggest achievements were participating in "Rainforest Challenge" in Malaysia, where we during 10 days travelled 1850 km thru the rainforest. One of my best experiences was when I got to Helski, take the helicopter up and Ski down, from Swedens highest mountain, Kebenikaise.

Nikola Radovanovic:


Relevante opleidingen:

MBO outdoor Sports & Guiding (1e lichting)

Dubbele specialisatie in Allround Outdoor instructor & Wilderness Guide Level 1


Even voorstellen; mijn naam is Nikola Radovanovic en een actieve outdoor fanaat die de opleiding MBO outdoor Sports & Guiding heeft afgerond aan de Voshaar


Mijn passie voor buitensport en gids werk begon als klein jongetje met actieve vakanties en is gegroeid door de jaren heen. Naast de MBO opleiding van de Voshaar heb ik ook sport en beweging gevolgd in de richting BOS en heb ik een breed beeld van mensen instrueren in buitensport en sport algemeen. De voldoening die ik haal uit o.a klimmen, raften, hiken en de natuur algemeen gepaard met een heerlijk drankje savonds bij een mooi kampvuur waarbij de verhalen en ervaringen rijkelijk vloeien is iets wat ik probeer over te brengen bij alle groepen. En is 1 van de mooiste dingen bij het gids werk in de buitensport.


Hopelijk tot snel!


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