Team Challenge in Dalarna

5 days

"A week full of adventure, challenge and culture for companies!"

A week full of adventure, challenge and culture for companies!

Create a stronger and more efficient team and increase the positive atmosphere within the company.

Go back to the roots of the employees and the company and create an optimal team spirit!

This week offers different kinds of adventurous activities but also the opportunity to give your own interpretation to the teambuilding program.



This program includes:

  • The flight from the airport Schiphol in Amsterdam to Arlanda Airport in Stockholm.
  • The transport from the airport in Stockholm to the Snöåbruk Resort in Dala-Järna.
  • Residency at the Snöåbruk Resort, including all meals (breakfast/lunch/diner).
  • The foodbags for the hike and survival trip.
  • A little tour near the resort along typically Swedish cabins.
  • Detailed explanation about Emergency Situations and how to optimize your own safety in the wilderness.
  • Workshops, some basics of survival: Navigating by means of a map, compass and GPS. Starting a fire with natural materials and with different techniques .
  • A short tour through the ‘Hembygdesgård’ in Dala-Järna. The gathering place for the locals to organize their events and activities. There are several typically traditional cottages to see, which makes you feel like going back in time!
  • The opportunity to use the main house in the ‘Hembygdesgård’ to perform your own teambuilding program.
  • A barbecue in the ‘Hembygdesgård’ with meat from our local slaughter.
  • A tour through the territory of wild animals like the wolves, moose, lynx and bears!
  • A chance to spot wild animals and to search for their tracks.
  • A change to taste some wild meat, from our local hunters (dear or moose, depending on what is available
  • The opportunity to perform your own teambuilding program at one of the meeting area’s at the resort.
  • A trip to the museum ‘Naturum’ in Siljansnäs.
  • An adventurous Wilderness Wildlife Safari whereby our guide will show you the most beautiful places and the most unique views in the direct area.
  • All the transport during the program.
  • The transport from the Snöåbruk Resort to the Arlanda airport in Stockholm.
  • The flight from Arlanda Airport to the airport Schiphol in Amsterdam.

Team Challenge in Dalarna – program (5 days)


Day 1


  • Depature from Schiphol Amsterdam to Arlanda Airporrt in Stockholm where our instructor will be waiting for and welcome you.
  • Our instructor will bring you from the Arlanda airport to the Snöåbruk in Dala-Järna by car. This will take around 4 hours and gives already a opportunity to enjoys Sweden’s beautiful nature.
  • We will take some time to lunch in one of the small eateries along the road.



  • Arrival at Snöåbruk Resort in Dala-Järna. You will be guided to your rooms where you will have the opportunity to unpack your luggage.
  • Afterward you will receive an introduction about the coming week while enjoying a typically Swedish Fika at the resort.
  • After the introduction our instructor will give you a short tour close by the area of Snöåbruk where you have a possibility to see some Swedish cabins, build in the traditional way and an old watersluice.



  • Diner at the resort and afterwards one has the possibility to use one of the meeting area’s of the resort to perform your own teambuilding program. Coffee and tea are available during the meetings


Day 2


  • Breakfast at the resort.
  • After you enjoyed your breakfast we will gather at the campfire.
  • Our instructor will held some workshops, in preparation for the hiking tour this week.  Some basics of survival are: Navigating with a map, compass and GPS. Starting a fire with different kinds of natural materials and techniques.
  • Also the subject ‘Safety and Emergency situations’ we’ll pay attention to.
  • Material check.
  • Our instructor will hand over hired materials and foodbags.



  • Lunch at the resort.
  • This afternoon you get an unique chance to see the ‘Hembygdesgård’ of Dala-Järna, the place of the locals to gather and organize their activities and events. Our instructor will give you a tour along all the old traditional Swedish cottages!
  • Then you may also use the main Swedish cottage to perform you own teambuilding program!
  • In the mean time our instructor will light the grill outside.



  • Barbecue at the ‘Hembygdesgård’, with meat from our local slaughter!


Day 3

Whole day hike and survival

After you enjoyed your breakfast it is time to start the hiking tour! We are going to walk through the territory of wild animals like moose, bears, wolves, lynx and beavers.

Now you get a chance to test your navigating skills! Our instructor will tell you a lot about the Swedish landscape and we are going to search for animal tracks, and hopefully we will spot them!

Several hours later we will take a break to prepare our foodbags so we can continue the trip with a full stomach!

After an intensive but beautiful hike we will arrive at a Swedish cabin where you may try to start a fire with the natural materials we found and collected during the hike.

 After we made ourselves a nice campfire a special outdoor meal will be waiting for us.

Our local hunter will take care of some moose- or deer meat to taste,(depending on what is available) which we are going to prepare on the grill.

Afterwards the special grill food and enjoying the beautiful place we are heading down to the resort.


Day 4


  • After breakfast there is time for you to perform your own teambuilding program in one of the places at the resort. Including coffee and tea.



  • Lunch at the resort.
  • In the afternoon we are going to visit the museum ‘Naturum’ in Siljansnäs where you will get a tour. This museum is all about the nature of Sweden from the early days till present.



  • This final evening our instructor will take you for a safari by car through the forest along beautiful spots and towards an unique and breathtaking view. During this safari we will search for animal tracks and looking out for wildlife!  You will get a change to make beautiful pictures and to experience the nature in this special way!
  • After we arrived at the panoramaview we will make a campfire and enjoy a tasty drink. A special closure of a very special week!


Day 5


  • Breakfast at the resort where after we will evaluating with the instructor to complete the week.
  • Our instructor will drive you to Arlanda Airport in Stockholm. We will take a short break to eat at a small eatery along the road.
  • Departure from Arlanda Airport in Stockholm to Schiphol in Amsterdam.

Price based on 6 participants:

SEK 12,500.- per person incl VAT




The Group will travel by plane from Amsterdam to Stockholm. If the group travels by KLM every passenger is allowed to take 12 kilo hand luggage and 20 kilo normal luggage. The flight will take around 2 hours.

The trip from home to the airport and back, and the parking costs at the airport are not included in our rate.


Snöåbruk Resort

The price is based on double rooms . There’s a possibility to book single rooms against additional rate.


Extra consumptions

It’s possible to order extra snacks and drinks at the resort. These consumptions are not included in our rates and can be paid right away or at the last day. You can pay for these cash or by credit- or bank card.



This program fits everyone with a normal condition. (See our conditions)



This program is in general available from April till October.

In terms of bad weather conditions the organization will adjust the tour.

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