Tipi Tent Adventure

7 days

"Sleep in a tipi tent in the woods of Sweden!"

A seven day's stay in a furnished tipi tent in the wilderness of Sweden, within walking distance of a beaver dam!

An adventurous program filled with nice activities! A beautiful walk through the woods of Sweden, followed by several interesting and challenging workshops plus a Wilderness Wildlife Safari which makes the week complete!

Our instructor will teach about the wild animals that lives in this territory, such as moose, wolves, lynx and bears. They are not easy to spot, but for sure they are all around us! Join us during a search for tracks and learn from our instructors which tracks belong to which animal.

This program offers pleasant variety. In addition to the planned adventure activities there is also room to add your own activities.

 Among others we offer:


  • Stay in a cozy furnished tipi tent in the middle of the forests of Sweden, during the whole week!
  • Several challenging workshops of our instructor of Dalarna Outdoor, such as: Finding you way though the Wilderness and Primitive Fire.
  • A tasty Swedish Fika (at a campfire) on the day of arrival and on day five.
  • A significant unique opportunity to spot a beaver as the beaver lodge is within walking distance of the Tipi Tent location!
  • An adventurous quest for traces of wild animals!
  • A long and beautiful hike accompanied by a guide through the surrounding wilderness.
  • Food bags for one day during the hike.
  • Use of (limited) wood to make it a cozy fire in the Tipi Tent!
  • An adventurous and memorable Wilderness Wildlife Safari!

Every single day we have a adventurous adventure activity planned for you!


Day 1

Once you have arrived in Dala-Järna, you will be welcomed and shown around by the instructor of Dalarna Outdoor and you will be escorted to the Tipi tent in the woods.

After this you have some time to explore the Tipi Tent and the immediate vicinity of the Tipi Tent.

A tasty Swedish Fika at the campfire provided by Dalarna Outdoor.

The rest of the day you have some free time to enjoy the wonderful place and to recover from the trip!


Day 2

At the beginning of the afternoon, the instructor of Dalarna Outdoor will discuss a number of preparations for the hike through the woods this week, including Security and Emergencies. We go through the packing list and check the materials.

Followed by a nice workshop: Find Your Way Through the Wilderness.

We teach you;

  • How to use a map and how to read it.
  • How to use a protractor. (kaarthoek meter )
  • How to use a compass.
  • How to determine the course and how to stay on track.
  • A cross-bearing. (kruispeiling)
  • What declination, inclination and declination correction contents.
  • How to use a GPS.
  • About waypoints.
  • How to give the coordinates in case of emergency.


Navigating is an indispensable skill during survival!


Day 3

Searching for wildlife and tracks in the morning dew!

In the morning we get up very early to enter into the territory of the moose, bears, wolves, beavers and lynx, looking for wildlife and their tracks!

Our instructor will tell and explain you about the animals that lives around and what to do if you get eye to eye with a wild animal.

Although the sun already has risen,  but we want to start as early as possible to increase our chances of spotting wildlife! Do take your camera along, because you never know what we will find! By the end of the morning we are back at our base camp.


Day 4

Today we'll take you for a nice long walk, right through nature. We walk through a beautiful diverse landscape where our instructor will tell you all about. You can work out your learned navigation skills how to navigate to the desired location!

Around lunch time our instructor will make a nice campfire on which we prepare our food bags and eat.


Day 5

Today our instructor gives a very challenging workshop: Primitive Fire! We're going to search for combustible materials in the forest. Afterwards our instructor will show and explain the various techniques you can use to make it happen.

We teach you how to make fire with natural tinder, and;

  • A magnesium stick of fire stem.
  • A flint and steel.
  • A fire bow or bow Indians.
  • A fire pump.

Afterwards Dalarna Outdoor provides something tasty you can grill above your own-made campfire!


Day 6

This adventurous week will be completed with a great ending! A Wilderness Wildlife Safari! Our instructor drive you around through the most beautiful places and towards a unique view! Places that you otherwise would not quickly find. A very nice way to experience nature in a different way. We make a campfire for the last time and we'll go to enjoy a panoramic view and a final tasty Swedish Fika! Again an unforgettable experience!


Day 7

Commencement return.

Price per person:


SEK. 5,450.00 incl. VAT.


All children up to 12 years receive a 50% discount on the activities!



Tipi Tent:

The Tipi Tent offers the primitive necessities, such as:

Possibility of heating the Tipi Tent, simple cooking, primitive washing and sleeping facilities.

At the front of the tent there is a fire place which you can use for making fire and preparing the meals.

There is a limited supply of wood that you can use to make a fire on the place.

It is forbidden to cut down trees yourself. However it is allowed to gather fallen wood on the ground for the fireplace.

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