Wilderness Beaver Safari

4 hours

"Do you want to increase your chances to spot a beaver?"

Beavers are beautiful and very hardworking animals!

They build the most complex dams and collect all materials they need for this on their own!

These exceptionally well-skilled animals have special orange / yellow teeth with whom they can gnaw on trees so they fall over.

Are you in for spotting the beaver your self?

Then go with us into the woods to an existing beaver lodge, where we will try to spot them from a respectable distance if they allow us!


Beaver Wilderness Safari - program duration: 4 hours


Among others we offer:


  • An unique opportunity to spot the beaver!
  • An unique opportunity to learn from our guide about the tracks and signals we face at the territory of the beaver.
  • To gain and experience the unspoiled nature in a special way.
  • A chance to take special picture moments.
  • A tasty Swedish Fika!
  • The transportation by jeep through the nearby area of the beaver lodge and back.
  • A wonderful memory and experience!



Once you have arrived on location you will meet the guide of Dalarna Outdoor.

Our guide will, in advance of the start of the safari, tell you what you to do to increase the chances to spot beavers.

Afterwards we get into the jeep and drive into the woods.

Once we have arrived at the territory of the beaver, we will continue on foot so we interfere the environmnent of the beaver as less as possible. At Dalarna Outdoor we find respect for the beavers very important and therefore keep a wise and respectfully distance.

Our guide will indicate the position of the beaver stay. There are often many signals to observe which leads to the environment where the beavers are active.

Silently we will walk to a point where we will sitt and wait for the next few hours. While enjoying a delicious Swedish fika we wait patiently until we see activity

Hopefully our patience will be rewarded and you can take beautiful pictures and enjoy this beautiful animal in it's own environment! With good memories and photos we prepare for the return to the point of origin, another adventurous experience you can tell back home!

Price per person:

SEK. 650.00 inclusive of VAT.





Suitable for any nature lover!

We recommend a minimum age of 12 years.

Minimum of 2 participants.



This program is available from May to October.

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