Wilderness Wildlife Safari

4 hours

"Are you in for some adventure?"

Wild animals do not show themsleves that easy, but they do are all around us!


Have you always wanted to spot wild animals, but you have no idea where to find them, what the signals are whether they are close or do you just not had any luck?

We offer you an adventurous and unforgettable trip and a chance to see the wild animals from Sweden! We drive deep into the beautiful wilderness of Sweden and show you the signals we encounter. Our guide shares his knowledge during the search for different types of animal tracks like the ones from moose, brown bears, beavers, wolves, foxes and lynx.

He will also teach you how to deal with a (un-)expected contact with wild animals.

Due to our good knowledge of the area, we have spotted moose and / or other wildlife at 8 of 10 Wilderness Wildlife Safari’s!

But that's not all we do! We will also tell you as much as possible about the different landscapes we drive through and the beautiful province of Dalarna.

Are you in for some adventure and already packed your camera?

Then join us on an adventure in wilderness of Sweden!!


We distinguish ourselves per our personal choice for assembling small groups of interested people and by driving with a real Jeep!

Wilderness Wildlife Safari - program duration: 4 hours


Among others we offer:


  • Transportation by a comfortable jeep through the wilderness.
  • A tasty Swedish fika at a campfire!
  • A unique chance to spot the wildlife from the province of Dalarna.
  • A unique opportunity to learn more by our guide about the traces we find and the nature of Dalarna County.
  • A great opportunity to experience the unspoiled nature in such a special way.
  • The chance to see unique places and beautiful views.
  • A chance to take special picture moments.
  • The opportunity to book a night in the wilderness in a Swedish cabin after the Safari!
  • A wonderful memory and experience!




Once you have arrived on location, in the late afternoon or early evening, you'll meet the Dalarna Outdoor Guide.

Our guide will give you an introduction what you can expect, where we go, what to think about during a jeep safari and what you can do to increase the chances of spotting wildlife. We will take you between 65 a 75 km deep into the wilderness of Dalarna!

In addition, we discuss what to do if we encounter wildlife by surprise.

Commencement of the journey through the Swedish wilderness along beautiful places, towards a spectacular and beautiful view point.

During the tour the guide tells you about the nature of Sweden, and in addition he will show the tracks of wild animals we encounter on the way.

Arriving at the viewing point our guide makes a nice campfire and you may enjoy the wonderful views while enjoying a Swedish fika.

Afterwards you will be brought back to the starting point of the Safari.



Price is per booking and per person. Include VAT


Min 2 and Max 6 if the group is bigger than they can contact

All children up to 16 years receive a 50% discount on the activities!


From 2 persons = SEK 995

From 4 persons = SEK 850

From 6 persons = SEK 695





Suitable and available for any nature lover!

We recommend a minimum age of 6 years.

Minimum 2 participants.




Wilderness Jeep Safari is available throughout the year.




In Spring and Summer, the safari will be launched later because of the longer hours of light. The wild animals become more active when it’s becoming a little darker outside. Because the forest is very accessible outside the winter months, we can drive deep into the woods!




In the fall, there is already a chance of snow. The Safari starts in the afternoon, depending on when the Sun goes down. The daylight hours quickly decrease by the day this season.

The fall is for most animals the breeding season what makes them more active. Consequently, the risk increases to spot them!




In the winter the safari has to start earlier so we still can see the surroundings! In the darkest days it will get darker already at 15:00.

The nice thing about winter is that the tracks of wild animals are very clearly to see. Although we can drive less deep into the forest due to potential snowfall, which can be a lot! It is also an enchanting landscape where everything is under a layer of beautiful snow!


Book extra adventure activities!


Outdoor Cooking!

Before the start of the Wilderness Wildlife Safari we drive to a Swedish cabin in the woods where we will make a campfire.

Then our instructor will prepare a meal for you at the cozy campfire! Let yourself be surprised!

Extra price: SEK 250,- per person


Spending a wilderness night in a Swedish cabin in the forest!

After the Wilderness Wildlife Safari we drive to a real primitive Swedish cabin in the forest where we create a nice fireplace. Maybe we can hear the nocturnal activity of the owls and wolves! In the morning you get a tasty breakfast prepared by our instructor! After breakfast, our instructor will bring you back to the starting point.

Total price: SEK.1,250.00 per person


-Wilderness Wildlife Safari


-Coffee/ Tea

-Possibility to rent sleeping supplies

-Nice survival gift in memory of your adventure with Dalarna Outdoor!


Wilderness night in a real Tipi Tent!

Have you always wanted to sleep like the Sami's did earlier in a Tipi tent? At Dalarna Outdoor you can!


After completion of Wilderness Wildlife Safari we drive to a beautiful place in the forest, where a cozy Tipi tent is waiting for you. The beds are ready to be slept on and a heater can be lighted! Enjoy the silence, each other and nature. In the morning, waking up in the middle of nature while our instructor has prepared a tasty breakfast for you! After breakfast, our instructor will bring you back to the starting point.

Total price: SEK.1,450.00 per person


-Wildernis Wildlife Safari


-Coffee Tea

-possibility to rent sleeping supplies

-Nice survival gift in memory of your adventure with Dalarna Outdoor!

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